Titanic II Project Steaming Ahead

Titanic II Project Steaming Ahead

Titanic II could set sail from Southampton, the media reported this month.

A tasteless vanity project or the rebirth of a legend, the proposal could not divide opinion more sharply.

Titanic II is the idea of an Australian mining tycoon and will be similar to the original ship with the same interiors and cabin layout but have sufficient lifeboats and modern safety equipment!

Clive Palmer believes that people will queue up to travel on this modern leviathan when it sails from Southampton to New York.

The project has been suspended for a few years due to financial issues which have now been overcome. Mr Palmer has yet to confirm where the ship will be built or the start date.

Personally, I am not sure that Titanic II is a good idea. No matter how much time passes respect needs to be given to those who died in the disaster.

By recreating Titanic we may be in danger of crossing a moral line. Before the ship’s discovery more than three decades ago, hundreds of those who last saw it knew they had no escape from death.

Surely, it is better that a ship that caused so much suffering should not be recreated for entertainment. What do you think?

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