White Star Photo Postcards by Fielden

White Star Photo Postcards by Fielden

I have always collected postcards by Basil and Alan Fielden because their photographs are carefully composed and offer exceptional clarity. These Merseyside brothers seem to have been active during the early to mid-1930s and they snapped most liners using Liverpool.

There are fine cards of many White Star ships including Doric, Laurentic, Calgaric and Adriatic. Occasionally, Fielden photographed liners in other locations, for example they took pictures of the new Queen Mary at her Clydebank builders in 1934.

Sadly, they did not take pictures at Southampton as far as I am aware. Fieldens are easily identified because the ship’s name is usually written in white capital letters at the bottom of the card. The exact template for the back varies but seems to always say B and A Fielden. They can be bought for as little as a few pounds but some may fetch as much as 10 times this or more!

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